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Special Announcement





Ester will be one of the two workshop teachers at the 18th Annual International Convention and Exhibition of the  Colored Pencil Society of America in Santa Clara, California, July 27-31, 2010.

Below are excerpts from the CPSA prospectus:

"Ester Roi, inventor of the Icarus Drawing Board, will demonstrate and instruct class attendees to “unleash the potentials of wax-based colored pencils” using heat with her workshop 'Wax and Heat, A Match Made in Heaven'...

This workshop will focus exclusively on the 'Icarus Technique', the newest and “hottest” technique for wax-based media like colored pencil, artist crayon, oil pastel and encaustic. Video clips will introduce each step as everyone follows along. Participants will be provided with their own Icarus Drawing Board to experiment with for the entire workshop. Topics covered in this workshop include:

• Basic rules of the Icarus Technique and how to break them

How to:
• work faster and larger
• make colored pencils 'glide'
• drastically improve their blend-ability
• burnish effortlessly
• achieve the look of a painting with minimal layering
• the difference between warm and cool layering
• penetrate layers and rework them
• combine colored pencil with artist crayons
• draw and paint with artist crayons
• incorporate the Icarus Technique with traditional methods".

Please check the Colored Pencil Society website for more information and for the complete Prospectus.