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Icarus Art Drawing Board: Fresh new look at wax based mediums!

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The Icarus Painting Board is a portable board designed to be used vertically on an easel (or a table easel) or horizontally on a desk. It is available in two sizes 16" x 22" and 22” x 28” and it features one large WARM ZONE.

Icarus Painting Board on a desk

For the first time in the industry, the Icarus Painting  Board features a very unique and ingenious way of holding the support (paper, canvas, panel) in place.

Icarus Painting Board on an easel                    Detail of a magnet holding the paper

Powerful neodymium magnets (provided) will not only hold the artwork on the metal surface of the board but enable the artist to move it or rotate it freely. If used vertically, a strap on the back will secure the board to the easel. If used horizontally, four rubber feet will keep it slightly elevated from the desk.

     24"x48" work in progress on loose canvas                          The Icarus Painting Board on a table easel

With all the Icarus Boards one can actually work on a much larger piece than the size of the board itself. On the picture on the left, you can see a work in progress on loose canvas that measures 24” x 48”.

The artist will turn the heater ON and set it at the desired temperature for mixing pigments, blending, burnishing and reworking. The heater should be OFF and the board surface at room temperature for line drawing, layering, detailing and finishing touches.

For more information, please check the Icarus Painting Board FAQ page.

Icarus Painting Board


Model 2228-200-1A    $429.00
+ Shipping & Handling

120V, 200W
22" x 28" drawing surface
22" W x 28" L x 1¾" H, 15lb.

Model 1622-100-1A    $369.00
+ Shipping & Handling

120V, 100W
16" x 22" drawing surface
16" W x 22" L x 1¾" H, 9½lb.

For more information please go to the Technique page.




  • Designed to be used vertically on an easel or horizontally on a desk
  • Adjustable strap to secure it to the easel
  • Four anti-skid rubber feet to keep it elevated and stable when used on a desk
  • Neodymium magnets will hold your medium in place on the metal surface of the board
  • Precise temperature control knob
  • For right-handed and left-handed artists
  • Ergonomic handle for easy transportation
  • Lighted ON/OFF switch
  • Solid metal construction
  • Streamlined and compact design
  • Proudly made in the USA